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Wikileaks posts database of ICE employees, Republicans applaud it    06/22/18  (44)
How long can you date late 20s girl when you know you won't wife her?    06/22/18  (35)
Call me crazy, but I've been getting wistful as fuck for NYC lately    06/22/18  (35)
MARRIED BROS: Do you find social media featuring ex-gfs toxic to your marriage?    06/22/18  (25)
GUAVA juice is the MOST prestigious JUICE    06/22/18  (22)
at what age is it not okay to eat cold cuts anymore    06/22/18  (19)
Another friend from law school quit the law and is now...    06/22/18  (16)
I just saw a CUMSKIN chick kiss a NOWAG in Taiwan... OMG    06/22/18  (13)
theres some real kooky stuff going on in Cuba    06/22/18  (13)
Harvard will definitely win the AA case, right?    06/22/18  (13)
What exactly does a TV producer do?    06/22/18  (12)
America would be boring without the Mexicans    06/22/18  (11)
Asian girls aren't hot. That's why only white dorks and asians date them.    06/22/18  (11)
Jordan Peterson pwned    06/22/18  (10)
CNN just referred to them as immigrants from mexico    06/22/18  (9)
Oh what's there we chat? I'm not here long.. must fuck tonight (TT)    06/22/18  (8)
Just had two shots of FERNET    06/22/18  (8)
is Miracle Whip prole    06/22/18  (8)
Noodlewhore pays for Chad's Hawaiian vacation (DTP)    06/22/18  (8)
I almost punched a swan today in Orlando    06/21/18  (8)
Is XO overstating how tough it is for Asians to get into HUG?    06/22/18  (7)
Shitlib congressman Ted Lieu calls Harvard's President about AA    06/22/18  (7)
One of my lib friends says infertile Conturds are kidnapping the border babes    06/22/18  (7)
Why does every website ask you to accept cookies now?    06/22/18  (6)
I am now obsessed with Asian actors and actresses..link some pls    06/22/18  (6)
Charles Krauthammer in HELL with Anthony Bourdain cooking boiled AZNgirl    06/22/18  (6)
Did the average age here get younger or something    06/22/18  (6)
did that one ball brother get drafted?    06/22/18  (6)
i have moved beyond what society can tell, i am operating on another level    06/22/18  (5)
things are different today, i hear every mother say, cooking fresh food for    06/22/18  (5)
Read The Crucible tonight (6 total in June) LJL at how easily it could be update    06/22/18  (5)
What should I do for my 37th birthday?    06/21/18  (5)
so 'WMTP' turned out to be a security guard at his parents' Kwik E Mart?    06/22/18  (4)
Judge Rules Twitter CAN Be Sued For Falsely Advertising Free Speech    06/22/18  (4)
Any Oldmos here remember when American soccer phenom Freddy Adu was going to be    06/22/18  (4)
Continue to be a pussy... the show will go on without you...    06/22/18  (4)
BREAKING: Rep. Peter King condemns Melania's jacket antics    06/21/18  (4)
it's really sinking in for me now that libs are psychotic evil demons    06/22/18  (4)
built a life-size chess board/set in my house    06/21/18  (4)
we have to forcibly wean white women off jewish brainwashing media/culture    06/21/18  (4)
just gave blankets & hot cocoa to some co-ed refugees from Cancun    06/21/18  (4)
firefox is back fgts (nyt)    06/22/18  (3)
GC just took it to the next level with "Simply Orange Light"    06/22/18  (3)
that soulless asian on the match.com commercial freaks me out    06/22/18  (3)
7 unaccompanied illegal alien "children" arrive in USA (NYT video)    06/22/18  (3)
Boner Police, when we made love you used to cry    06/22/18  (3)
Hypo: conservative Catholic billionaire finances modern Crusade    06/22/18  (3)
The Anheuser Busch School of Law    06/21/18  (3)
at what age is it not okay to be a nigger anymore    06/22/18  (2)
Jfc there are so many WEIRD birdshits in TAIWAN    06/22/18  (2)