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McCain rips coward Trump for bone spur deferment    10/23/17  (22)
I have a DATE with this Nurse tonight    10/23/17  (20)
Trump: 401k's are just a tax haven for the rich. Middle class hurting. Bad deal!    10/23/17  (18)
RATE this blonde showing sideboob    10/23/17  (15)
Pick a wall. Any wall.    10/23/17  (15)
Girl wants an "interactive" date, doesnt drink -- costume party?    10/23/17  (14)
happy monday! have a non-terrible start to your work week! <3    10/23/17  (14)
Any EXPATS on here? Quick Question    10/23/17  (13)
Notre Dame 6-1ATS this season    10/23/17  (13)
Need a prolemancer to build prolest possible sandwich. Choose bread, protein & 3    10/23/17  (13)
Rate this 19yo girl get beaten to death    10/23/17  (12)
Hypo: CIA finds you on XO, offers $75k/yr for false-flag alt.right racist stuff    10/23/17  (11)
Captain Crunch and Tony the Tiger were Chad Mascots.    10/23/17  (11)
absolutely amazing how the majority of humanity have no self-awareness at all    10/23/17  (10)
At what age do American girls now watch their first porno    10/23/17  (9)
Do you think you could eat this icelandic dish?    10/23/17  (8)
School rejected my petition to create my own major in "Chad Studies".    10/23/17  (8)
My apartment is so old and shitty I can hear the dude below me snore    10/23/17  (8)
Compare & contrast the flags of the counties of Liberia vs. Japanese prefectures    10/23/17  (8)
parents used to name girls after virtues (Prudence, Chastity); now, its brands    10/23/17  (8)
LJL at xo Aung vs (((Fake News)))    10/23/17  (8)
Liberals burnt out, struggle to find will to live after Trump (NYT)    10/23/17  (7)
Mueller Investigating Podesta Group In Connection With Russia Probe    10/23/17  (7)
Do American Blacks realize that the English ended slavery?    10/23/17  (7)
JCM: hehe, remember me today during your shit GC laboring    10/23/17  (7)
lifehack: marry a pretty girl who wears glasses    10/23/17  (6)
Trump's draft number was 356    10/23/17  (6)
Thesis as to why blacks are so irrational    10/23/17  (6)
How do I raise a chad?    10/23/17  (5)
*yakkety sax plays as man chases liz warren around a desk*    10/23/17  (5)
the "libs" who are fluffing GWB's balls and sucking mccains cock are the worst    10/23/17  (5)
Dumbest thing I did in college: respected my TAs    10/23/17  (5)
If you convert to Judaism do you get access to money?    10/23/17  (5)
You turn a corner in Doom '93 to find all the imps spitroasting peterman    10/23/17  (5)
RSF waking up at 11:30 AM on a Monday, heading to the arcade    10/23/17  (5)
GC unloading multiple cum blasts on Americans' faces    10/23/17  (5)
When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a diaper.    10/23/17  (5)
George Washingtons soiled HEMP WAR DIAPER in glass display at National Archive    10/23/17  (5)
I'm Bam Margera and this is "leveraged finance". *Jackass theme plays *    10/23/17  (5)
DTP is the best poaster.    10/23/17  (4)
There are some really really odd men who are involved in Scouting    10/23/17  (4)
Barron Trump doing hoodrat stuff with his friends at St. Andrews Episcopal Schoo    10/23/17  (4)
Weed actually makes you gay.    10/23/17  (4)
Who are the most prestigious: English, Germans, Dutch, or Scandinavians?    10/23/17  (4)
Russia still pussyfooting around Syria. US just turned Raqqa to dust.    10/23/17  (4)
Lmao, Russians are CRYING about Raqqa. (link)    10/23/17  (4)
Francis Scott Key evading fire, penning the Star Spangled Diaper    10/23/17  (4)
If you're NOT taking antipsychotics your psych prescribed ur literally insane    10/23/17  (4)
Consumers of XO: what products do you intend to buy this week?    10/23/17  (3)
Lolzy 100+ post TLS thread on alternatives to "will do"    10/23/17  (3)